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Browse through our frequently asked questions below for tips on proper plumbing maintenance and what to do in an emergency. Our plumbers are known for providing expert advice, as well as high-quality plumbing installations and maintenance.

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How do I unclog a toilet?
Firstly, if the toilet doesn't flush properly, do not flush it again. This causes excess water to flow into the toilet bowl. If you have a plunger, make a tight seal around the bottom of the bowl. Make sure the plunger covers the hole and that you're pushing and pulling with water (not air). If you've push/pulled more than 20 or so times, with intermittent flushing in between and it's still not cleared—call us now. We'll unclog that troublesome toilet for you in no time!
How do I fix a leaking tap?
What do I do if I see a burst pipe?
What are your service areas?
Do you install hot water systems?